Our Services

Our client strategy is based on 4 organizational pillars.

Our collective, diverse, and proven experience in healthcare and in the medical device industry gives us an advantage in helping our clients acheive their goals. Our mission is to help small to mid-size startups compete with ‘Big Ortho’ in a business environment that has become more challenging and costly to do so.

01. Commercialization

We understand the challenges and value proposition from every perspective of the market. Our sales leadership team will execute a winning strategy that leverages relationships to drive corporate value.



02. Market Access

The healthcare environment is always changing. Manufacturers need to strategically partner with hospitals and ASCs to help achieve their objectives. Our experience brings insight and in-depth knowledge of the supplier, hospital and physician relationship.

03. Corporate Strategy

Your overall value as a company is largely dependent upon cultivating a strong corporate strategy. The experience and thoughtful recommendations we offer will help you avoid organizational roadblocks and position you ahead of the competition. No matter what stage you’re in, OSP can assist you in planning for and executing the next phase of your business.



04. Business Intelligence

Cultivate a data-driven culture that uses modern data science techniques to equip the top-level influencers of your business to make decisions using real-time, accurate, intelligent business metrics and KPI’s. Make it your business to know the strategic and tactical metrics that give you the insight needed to effectively drive productivity and profitability.