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Creating and Illustrating the Value Proposition

The healthcare environment is always changing. Manufacturers need to strategically partner with hospitals and ASCs to help achieve their objectives. Our experience brings insight and in-depth knowledge of the supplier, hospital and physician relationship.

Navigating GPO's and IDN's

Our clients stand out from the rest.

Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) and Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) specifically aim to lower operating costs for healthcare facilities by negotiating purchasing prices. However, high medical supply costs and compressed margins across the industry are leading to the consolidation of GPOs and IDNs. This consolidation has the potential to disrupt how medical device, pharmaceutical, and other companies sell into the healthcare market.

Know the facts.

Today, virtually every hospital in the U.S. belongs to at least one GPO. More than 77% of all hospital purchases are made through GPO contracts, and GPOs contract for purchases with an annual value in the range of $200 billion.

  • Having a GPO contract DOES NOT bypass facility value analysis
  • Some IDNs have strict value analysis processes, others, not so much
  • Physician users should know the pathway to getting products approved through supply chain value analysis
  • Understand incumbent vendor landscape
  • Hospital financial reimbursement
  • Surgeon champions and how they are viewed in the eyes of the hospital
  • Marketing campaign informing clinicians and supply chain that client is on contract
  • Opportunities to lock out competition (sole or dual source)
  • Know the rules of engagement

We bring years of experience

and GPO/IDN relationships that open doors.

Hospital / ASC Access

It’s imperative that your approach with GPO/IDN gatekeepers is strategic and educated. We help our clients CRACK THE CODE and get in the door. Are you already on contract? Great! You still have work to do illustrating a compelling value analysis as you engage with hospitals and providers.

Value Analysis

Corporate GPOs and IDNs will not spend the time and financial resources to facilitate a national contract unless there is already spend in the system or significant surgeon interest. OSP will show you where to play and where not to, and help you develop the story that engages surgeon users with a value proposition that moves the needle.


Once you are in the door, OSP can help you navigate and negotiate the best contracts possible for financial reimbursement. We always to attempt to secure multi-year contracts that bring stability and future leverage to your business.

Now, let's meet the Market Access Team.

Chris Stewart
Chief Operating Officer
Rossana Williams
Vice President of Hospital and ASC Strategy