Bringing Concept to Market

Aligning the Clinical and Economic Buyer

We understand the challenges and value proposition from every perspective of the market. Our sales leadership team will execute a winning strategy that leverages relationships to drive corporate value.

Drive Speed to Value

Turn Your Idea into a Marked Medical Device

OSP has built a unique platform that enables healthcare businesses in any stage to commercialize their products in a profoundly efficient manner. Our services are tailored to your business goals; to increase the value of your business by leveraging the knowledge of our proven industry executive partners and market research based on current trends and competitive analysis.

Sales Channel Development

Every client requires a unique approach to their sales channel development and implementation. We can help you identify key markets that offer a friendly climate with regard to pricing, red tape, patient population, etc. and then structure a comprehensive plan for each market to increase the likelihood of engagement and adoption by clinical users.

User Engagement & Adoption

Our sales team has a broad reach of long-standing relationships in the industry and we are dedicated to finding and engaging end users for mutual benefit. We will lead and manage your sales strategy day-to-day by personally connecting with potential users in the field, mentoring your existing salesforce, and making strategic hires if necessary.

Marketing & Messaging

A solid marketing strategy is the launching point for great sales execution; it should never be set in motion and left alone. We will develop or refine your messaging and collateral so that it increases sales, engages new users, creates brand awareness, and generates referrals. As time progresses, we will re-evaluate and make adjustments as needed to support company goals.

Now, let's meet the Commercialization Team.