TJ Halvorson

Sr. Manager, Marketing & Hospital Strategy


Areas of Focus:

  • Hospital strategy
  • Market Access
  • Contract optimization
  • Marketing
  • Digital Design

Corporate Experience

  • Start Pain Relief
  • Ortho Spine News

TJ Halvorson came to Ortho Spine Partners in 2018. He is a service focused professional who puts clients first and has a strong desire to see success for others.


Prior to joining OSP, TJ was marketing for a small physician practice in Scottsdale, Arizona. TJ built and maintained the referral relationships with medical offices and their physicians, which in turn resulted in a 92% increase in business in years 2016-2017. By building effective systems to monitor progress and the referral streams, TJ was also able to manage all the marketing for that practice through website development, ad campaigns, and traditional advertising methods.

I was drawn to OSP on account of the strong leadership and integrity within the company. They are able to positively influence better outcomes for medical device companies, which creates the ability to influence greater innovation and healthcare delivery to the market in a timely manner. I am excited to be part of this team of industry experts.
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