Our Approach

Speed to Value

Ortho Spine Partners has created a unique platform geared to best enable companies in any stage to commercialize their products in a profoundly efficient manner. Examples of our collaborations include:


  • A surgeon with a product idea and limited financial wherewithal to properly execute a sales plan.
  • OUS companies looking to establish or enhance their presence in the United States.
  • Companies with recent FDA approval in need of a strategic sales plan validated against current market conditions.
  • Established companies looking for marketing horsepower to properly launch a new product.


Our services are geared to meet you where you are today and help your business grow by utilizing proven industry executives that bring you an objective analysis along with thoughtful recommendations. Our market knowledge is based on current trends and competitive analysis rather than surgery volumes from over 4 years ago.

National Accounts Strategy

GPOs and IDNs are here to stay and seem focused on limiting new technology. Don’t allow your field sales representatives to be the driving force in the approval process.

Distributor Recruitment

With a dedicated and knowledgeable consultant on your side, you can offer support to your sales management team by having qualified and vetted leads delivered to them.

Commercialization Funding

Our experienced executives have a proven track record with the investor community and can help you obtain the necessary funding to get started on executing your strategic plan.

Strategic Sales Planning

When you create your commercialization strategy, don’t miss out on the opportunity to obtain real life, up-to-the-minute data to ensure your strategy is appropriate for the current year.

Real-Time Market Research

Most companies make significant decisions based on case volumes from years ago. That data is dated and unreliable. Our team can leverage an extensive network to get you real-time data.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Whether you are preparing your company to be acquired, or you are on a quest for a technology to add to your commercial network, our team can help you conduct the most effective due diligence.

Our Core Values
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